Along with our collaboration partner in Taiwan, our company offers mobile application development in both Android and ios platform. In this age of time, a business will make a good impression if there is an application that users can download to their devices. Thus, our company strives to deliver quality and performance mobile application by creating a fluid user experience during the project development.

SQL Software

  • In an event of backup recovery, assistance will e provided
  • Data corruption assistance
  • Report Customaization
  • Database Diagnosis


In Infollective, we provide website development service for any business. As website development is not a once and done project and often involves spanning multiple versions, our web developers are competent and reliable in making sure the outcome of the website will meet client’s satisfaction and requirement. Our emphasize is always to maintain a close and healthy relationship with our clients during the development process that is usually long and tense.

Advantages of Having a website

Fleet Management System

  • General Support
  • Providing support on Power Cut Off
  • Bug in Report Assistance
  • Cut Off Petrol Testing
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