Infollective Solution Company is proud to announce the Launch of our Flagship product. The most popular and indemand Solution, almost every business needs in their daily operations and marketing. Introducing Cloud Store. Please continue reading to discover, how this solution is going to revolusionize your business and take it to the next level.
The Trend
The trend of both offline and online has changed. Technology has brought us to a comfort zone where we're able to automate our business. If you're looking for a way to make your business operations and marketing easier and much improved and enhanced, then Cloud Store is the right choice for you.

Our special dedicated Market Research Team has identified that many online business owners are struggling to compete in the Digital Era. Most of the time, they are unable to have a Digital presense due to various reason. Likewise the offline business retailers are always looking for a simple and easy solution to manage and keep track of their daily operations as they are not always at the business premises.

Understanding this issue, and we believe that you might be one of the two above category, we'll like to extend our invitation for you to be part of our Premium Client to our Flagship Product.

Key Benefits

  1. Your very own Personalize Sore
  2. Your very own Brand
  3. List Unlimited Items
  4. Reseller Authority
  5. Unlimited Affiliate Login
  6. POS System Integration

Who is it for? Understanding the market, that the way business is done has changed from the offline

  1. Box Shop Owners
  2. Online Entrepreneurs
  3. Product Owners
  4. Dropshippers
  5. Affiliate Marketers
  6. Stores / Mall / Hypermarket / Sundry Shops
  7. Hardware Outlets
  8. Associations
  9. Gift Shops / Flower Shops
  10. Anyone that needs an eCommerce Platform

Premium Benefits By being part of our Premium Client you'll enjoy :-
1. FREE Cloud Store
2. Low Monthly Maintinence Fee
3. Your Very Own Branding
4. Unlimited Image Uploads
5. Unlimited Affiliates Links
6. 10GB Storage
7. Reseller Rights
8. Marketing Tips & Promotion
9. Listing On Our Official Website
10. Continuos Premimum Support