Every business has operational elements that require a lot of time, energy and highly coordinated logistics. With high fuel costs and driver shortages, it’s now more important than ever to improve the management of your fleet so that you can lower operational costs, improve fleet visibility and driver satisfaction, while complying with regulatory requirements. Fleet management is a term used to describe the management of any/all aspects relating to a company’s vehicle. Fleet vehicles can be defined as vehicles over which a business has some degree of influence in their selection and operation. Nowadays, fleet services are designed in order to minimize vehicle investment risks, reduce transportation and staff costs, improve transport efficiency and increase productivity. This results in an overall optimization of the company’s fleet management process.

There are several fleet management benefits to enable you to achieve these results including the following :

Maximize Driver Safety & Satisfaction

With proper fleet management system, it is very much possible to plan journeys to avoid unexpected traffic delays. This encourages drivers to drive safely in a more fuel efficient and economical way.

With an efficient fleet management system, drivers will be aware that all trips and overtime are being recorded and documented accurately. In addition, good employee time management can also be taken into count by managers which often leads to higher levels of driver satisfaction (reducing the amount of manual work for the drivers) and productivity in companies.

Time Management Improvement

Fleet management integration, improves productivity by saving time not only to drivers or mechanics, but also to business owners and operational staffs. With GPS tracking it gives the possibility to plan routes efficiently, to receive traffic updates and to predict the time of departure and arrival (very useful information for both business owner and clients).

With fleet management, GPS tracker helps both administrative personal and drivers to optimize their working schedule. Mechanics can easily access the repair history. At the same time, all the data related to fuel, maintenance and transport are monitored and available to business owners and authorized personal in the company.

Fleet Fuel Management

Fuel has always been a major factor in business today condiering the factor that it's getting expensive by the day. With an efficient fleet management system, there are high possibility of reducing costs through various functionalities. The built in fuel information and integrated efficient route planning, leads to optimizing the fuel consumption and excessive idle time costs.

Tracking systems can be used for planning the refuel locations. related compnay personals will be able to view in real time where each vehicle is located in order to plan the most convenient route. Some systems has the capability to provide traffic information, which can be helpful to avoid wasting time and fuel getting caught in traffic jams.

Savings On Maintenance Cost

Cutting costs associated with vehicle maintenance is possible due to optimized usage of the means of transport. Some fleet management systems allow notifications based on calendar time, mileage or other chosen criteria which has been defined in the system.

Saving on Phone Call Charges

Attending to phone calls has been one of the major factor which has been contributing to road accidents. As a business owner, you now have the access to track detailed actions such as location on your driver by logging into our system, without even having to pick up the phone to track on all your drivers or vehicles.

Decreased Operational Cost

By implementing and optimizing fleet's fuel efficiency, streamlining reporting, better managing driver performance, making efficient use of vehicles, and improving routing, business owners can save a wholesome lot of money on their operational costs and which increase their profitability.


Vehicle Management

Each business requires a different set of vehicles. For example a sales personal do not need SUVs. As a business owner that owns a fleet, they'll select the vehicle type that makes the most sense for their business and equip it accordingly. This directly allows them to factor in petrol/diesel mileage, repairs, and other vehicle characteristics so that the vehicle driven is appropriate.

Buying a fleet also enables creating business relationships with vehicle retailers. As such, bulk purchase with a good discount is possible with extended maintenance. Establishing such a relationship means that when upgrades or tradeins are necessary, the particular dealer knows the companies requirements and can best advise the business owner.

Engine Cut Off via SMS or Laptop in case of Vehicle Theft and Fast Vehicle Recovery

In an event, that you've suspected your vehicle is stolen, you only need your phone, send an SMS and Cut Off the engine from anywhere within Malaysia. The same command can also be sent for engine Cut Off via Laptop or Office Computer. Our fleet management system will then notify you by the minutes, the location of your vehicle before your vehicle is beenrtr recovered.


With Geo Fencing feature, you'll be able to track the route of your vehicles, and if your vehicle moves out of this route our fleet management system will immediately send you an SMS alert notification, notifying you your exact vehicle location and keep you updated up to the minute.

You can then send a SMS to cut off your engine vehicle and stop your vehicle from moving outside the specified area and you can get to verify with the driver of your vehicle about the location of your vehicle and why they have moved outside the specified route and Geo location.

Better Customer Service

Another added advantage of implementing fleet management system is that business owners will be able to offer much better customer service, which results in more repeat business and new customers due to recommendations as it improves delivery times and reduces wait times for customers. When customers are getting high quality service, they will be more likely to stay loyal to your organization and return for additional service.

In the event if a driver is delayed because of any unexpected circumstances or traffic is taking longer than expected, then it will be possible to contact the customer and let them know. Often, a more realistic arrival time can also be given as the tracking devices will be up to date with traffic flow and any changes.

Get More Detailed Reports

Fleet management systems can deliver reports hourly, daily or weekly based on the criteria you need fulfilled.

Reports such as Engine Control notifies you when your vehicles need to go for servicing. Fuel Monitoring on all vehicles will minimize fuel wastage or theft. Location Tracking for all vehicles, Over Speed detection alerts, SMS engine Cut Off, Engine & Coolant Temperature, just to name a few. As a business owner you are always ahead when it comes to monitoring your vehicles and getting detailed reports generated and delivered to you anywhere with just a few click of buttons from your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone

These will enable you to reduce the cost of running your business, time and resources which you're able to use for other activities related to your business such as aquiring for new customers.