UNIPOS – Retail

  • A POINT OF SALES system just work like Plug&Play with SQL Financial Accouting System.
  • GST Ready.
  • SQL-Pos are able to read SQL item code and post to SQL as Cash Sales.
  • With Photo Button
  • Import master list from Excel File into SQL Accounting such as Item Code, Customer & Supplier).
  • There are 2 Posting Method, real time & Daily posting (Default).
  • Support Off Line Mode.
  • Export Cash sales to pen Drive for your financial accounting reasons.
  • Able to Import Cash Sales from Pen Drive.

  • UNIPOS – F&B

    The user-friendly interface of UNIPos F&B allows you and your staffs to place customer's order efficiently and minimize order mistake. With UNIPos F&B, you are satisfying your customer's experience at your outlet to have a better customer service experience.

    Table Management

    An easy way to manage your table plan depending on your customers comfortability.

    Ordering Management

    Order process has never been this easy. Just key-in the orders like food and drinks and the system will directly send them to the respective place like kitchen or bar depending on how the settings are made. This reduces the waiting time for customers.

    Real-Time Reports

    UNIPos F&B provides Real-Time reports to let you as a business owner, identify your earnings and profits every day and gain valuable information about your daily activity at the outlet so that you'll be bale to adjust your operations effectively.