We develop cloud solutions which help cooperates to improve efficiency in their operation and management use case scenarios upon Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Asset Management.

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We, the team of Infollective Solutions Sdn Bhd has been in the industry, officially almost 10 years. Being said so, we understand the market requirements and we move along time and business operation trends to keep all our current, new and future clients in par with the latest and up-to-date business management tools and technologies. We believe in educating through training With our dedicated team who are commited to their career and clients, we're always ready to serve and provide an optimum level of customers satisfaction.

Our Core Values

To be a top company providing our clients with high quality cloud computing products and services in Malaysia.

To deliver professional IT cloud solution and outstanding support to meet our clients’ business needs and requirements.


Integrity : Ensure honesty and fairness in all out action. We are accountable, open and responsive.

Constant Improvement : Strong work ethics and there is always a better solutions for our customers

Value Our Customer : Treat all customers with kindness, courtesy, dignity and respect.


To extend the possiblities of our own Fleet Management System (iTrack).

To create more company related business opportunities.

To incorporate more programming professionals into our team.

About us


Infollective Solutions Sdn. Bhd., (formerly known as Infollective Solution Company), brings forward years of knowledge and experiences and utilizes them to provide our clients with value-added benefits. Since established in 2014 by a group of people who are passionate and enthusiastic team, our target was offering a unique and niche solutions with great added value. Today Infollective Solutions Sdn Bhd is one of the well-known software solution service provider in Malaysia.

The company’s’ core business includes development of Software and Systems for instance 1ofis and Fleet Management System with focus on monitoring & controlling various types IoT devices and tailor-made solution. Infollective Solutions Sdn Bhd consulting services help companies recognize the optimum opportunities for using advance mobile technologies in alerting their business and provide comprehensive training for the use of its solutions.

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CCTV Cameras are valuable nowadays especially for the places where chances of burglary are higher. For example for Retail Shop, Office and not forget our Home Sweet Home. But, now you can have a chance to install CCTV Camera with a screen Live Footage to keep and eye on consumer entering your store, check the development of every staff member in your office and secure and watch you beloved one at home. What are you waiting for, contact us now!

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Infollective now added more Services and Products as below:

  • CCTV System
  • Autogate Installation
  • Alarm System
  • Access Control
  • PABX System
  • Network Cabling Job

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Introducing to you our Product Distributors. As one of the best Solutions Provider in Sarawak, we are happy to announce that now we add more value to our services.

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- We provide high quality product

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- We have professional team & technicians

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Infollective Solutions Sdn Bhd is known as one of best solutions provider company in Malaysia that has been involved in many System Development and Custom Project Development with others companies all over Malaysia.

Infollective have the experts that develop the software and systems that definitely help the companies to meet their unique requirements. Our proud projects in software and systems development are called as 1OFIS System that are consist of HR Management System, Assets Managements System, Billing Management, Task Management, Consignment Management, Inventory Management, Procurement, Recruitment & Hiring, Shipping Management System and Artificial Intelligence of Things (AioT) Management System.


  • Irrigation System Real-time Monitoring and Control (2012 – 2014)
  • Fleet Management System (2013 to Present)
  • ERP Systems (2015 to Present)
More Custom Projects



The most user friendly platform to use with a great real-time monitoring, tracking, geofences functions and various type of reports provided.

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Advance fleet management system with driving behaviors monitoring, fuel sensor integration, routing and also advance trips costing reports.

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Our great system that enable to live streaming, tracking and video monitoring your assets from website and mobile apps platform access.

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I've been using this locator GPS device for years and it works flawlessly as long as the phone signal strong. Customer service is great. and app use to be useable.

Diana Assistant Manager

This is the best that I've used so far due to the almost real-time update on playback. I still think there are more rooms for improvement such as a provision for street view on playback/tracking. An alarm with audio for tracker removal would help a lot too. Kudos to the team for your hardwork.

kelvin Sales Manager

OUTSTANDING,,, There's absolutely no reason why this app shouldn't be rated five stars and above. This tracker takes about five minutes or less to setup & you're 110% ready to start tracking.

Irene Manager
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In today's robust business challenging world, every business owners wants to get the best solution that can automate their business and also solutions that can ease their workload.

Be it Software, Hardware or Design

We Have The Total In-A-Box Business Solution

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