About Us

About us

Infollective Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as infollective Solution Company), brings forward years of knowledge and experiences to provide our clients with value-added benefits. Since established in 2014 by a team of people who are passionate and enthusiastic about what they do, our goal is to offer our clients a unique and niche solutions. Today Infollective Solutions Sdn. Bhd, is one of the well-known software solution service providers in Malaysia.

Our core business includes the development of software and systems. 10F15 and Fleet Management System are examples of our customized software and system which focuses on the monitoring & controlling of various types of IOT devices and tailor-made solutions.

We provide consulting services to help clients recognize the advantages and realize the possible optimum opportunities which can be produced by using advance mobile technologies.

We also provide comprehensive training to ensure our clients are equipped to utilize the software and systems solutions provided.

We deliver much more than just technology At infollective Solutions Sdn Bhd, our objective is to fully understand our customers business processes and deliver significant added value to our customers by developing solutions that significantly reduce their costs and enchance their ability to adapt to market changes.

 Merging our diversified services and solutions, we bring forward a unique and valuable offering in business enhancement. This covers aspects such as building the right processes, automating and Launching them into the marketplace while using the best practice as guidelines of quality in more ways than one, Infollective Solutions Sdn Bhd is your one-stop-shop for your complete business needs.

Why choose Us

We, the team of Infollective Solutions Sdn Bhd has been in the industry, officially almost 10 years. Being said so, we understand the market requirements and we move along time and business operation trends to keep all our current, new and future clients in par with the latest and up-to-date business management tools and technologies. We believe in educating through training With our dedicated team who are committed to their career and clients, we're always ready to serve and provide an optimum level of customers satisfaction.

Expert Advisors

Do not fret. Consult with our Solution Advisor team and get the best consultation and solution to your specific needs.

Great Support Service

Our dedicated support team is easily reached via email, telephone, chats, remote support and to always provide you with our best service.

100% Satisfaction

Our customers' repeat business with us is a testament of the trust they have in our brand and the satisfaction they experience from our services.

Operational Excellence

It is proven that our clients have reduced their containment and cost for a more cohesive management and high quality efficient process in their daily work.

Continuous Growth

We believe that there is a creative and better solution to every problem. Always with more room for improvement we move forward with our clients.

Team of experts

The expert in anything was once a beginner. Our team has the years of experience and stron teamwork to achieve our common vision and goals. Our in house expert team makes Infollective outstanding year after year in the industry

Meet Our Team

Infollective’s team consists of highly qualified System Engineers, Consultants, Customer Support Consultants, Project Management Consultants, Solution Advisor, Developers, Technician and System Administrator. This team has helped companies in the mobility world to carry on their work successfully and establish trust with our brand. The people that make up Infollective have years of experience working with some of the largest company on the market today.


I bought SQL Payroll software from Infollective. The software really help my company to reduce workload especially during month end when I do Payroll and what  I can say that it was a very user friendly system. Easy to use! Their Payroll system also can link to SQL Accounting Software which is easy my job.

nadia HR Manager

I first met with the Solutions Advisor from Infollective Team. They were so nice, professional and give us a free consultation. They provide solutions and advice for us to implement the system . It's brilliant idea. Now we can work digitalize, manageable and our operational business running smoothly. Thank you Infollective!

david Managing Director

My company have been using Fleet Management services from Infollective from more than 4 years now. The service assistance is superb, the GPS Tracker is made to last I can say! Really convenient, and most important things I want to highlight is their Tracking System is very recommended.

Joseph Fleet Manager
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Team of Expert
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