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Fleet Management

Fleet Management System is a system which helps many logistic agencies manage their fleet of vehicles efficiently and effectively through smart allocation of resources. It performs basic functionalities including routing, real time monitoring, providing security and on-board Information. We provide you with an intelligent fleet management system which incorporates the power of concurrent Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global system for mobile communications (GSM), Mobile Application and also web-based management software for the agencies.

Solution Highlights

Optimize the efficiency of your fleet performance with real-time alerts and notifications plus automated reporting.

Reduced Cost

Reduce fuel and maintenance costs by Intelligently monitoring and managing driver and vehicle performance.

Greater Insight

Achieve comprehensive visibility with real-time monitoring of location, vehicle, and driver data.


Maximize profitability by optimizing your operations, streamlining processes, and maintaining a sustainable advantage over competitors.


Service reminders for preventive maintenance tasks can be set to ensure assets are routinely services.

Intelligent Solutions

Gives clear overviews of where vehicles are, their job completion status, estimated arrival and delivery times giving a deeper understanding of what's going on out in the field.

Drivers’ Performance

Help managers and dispatchers track the location, speed, driving methods (harsh braking, idling, cornering), and vehicle diagnostics.

Automated Analytics

System generates reports on vehicle maintenance, driving methods, delivery time, rest breaks, and more.

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Our fleet management system is customized to monitor vehicles and commercial equipment. We have Integrated our systems with a variety of monitoring accessories such as the dipstick fuel sensor, ultrasonic fuel sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, seat belt sensor, smoking sensor, movement sensor, id tag, driver tag, on board camera system and many more coming soon.


Set Geofence and get instant Alert if your vehicle In or Out your Geofence Area


 Cut off and restore engine anywhere, any time to protect your vehicle from getting stolen


Be alerted Instantly when your vehicle goes over the speed Be alerted Instantly when your vehicle goes over the speed limit


Provide reports covering at least 3 months of travel


Get alerted when your vehicle is On/OffOff


Get Playback report with Display on Map

Harsh Acceleration

Apps to detect unsafe driver behaviors, effectively manage dangerous drivers


Reduce risk, liability and collisions by targeting harsh braking


Let management see an overall score and report details for each vehicle and drivers over a 30 day period

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Our Fleet Systems

Available on Web & Mobile Application

Advance fleet management system with driving behaviors monitoring, fuel sensor integration, routing and also advance trips costing reports.

The most user friendly platform to use with a great real-time monitoring, tracking, geofences functions and various type of reports provided.

Our great system that enable to live streaming, tracking and video monitoring your assets from website and mobile apps platform access.

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