Point of sale or better known as POS is applicable to all types of businesses regardless of their sizes and types. POS system is a mainly combination of two components, hardware and software that manages the businesses. It can be networked to other terminals, and to a server in the back room or at another location. POS systems enables employees to work faster, but they may require retraining. They can also be tied to an inventory or accounting software, such as SQL Accounting Software. POS systems can automate a number of tasks.

POS systems enable employees to process transactions quickly, and they can let employees to load customers data instantly. Most POS Systems are able to handle credit and debit cards processing, and their ability to store past transactions allow businesses to run loyalty programs and other incentives programs. Many programs can also be run on smart phones and tablets, allowing companies to work away from their stores without much trouble.

Different business sized owners from small to large ones use POS System for Retail, Hospitality, Apparel, Automotive, Saloon, Sporting Goods, Gift Shop, Mobile Orders, Pharmacy, E-Commerce and many more. If youre looking for POS System, you're in a right place because Infollective Solutions Sdn Bhd's provide the best POS System software your business.

Cash Collection, Inventory Management & Business Intelligence

All In One Place

Seamless Integration Of SQL Account

Prompt Inventory synchronization to help you manage your stock better

Simplify operations with centralized inventory

Support multiple warehouse, serial number, batch expiry date control, unlimited multiple pricing

Direct price update to scale weighting machine, linkable, to price checker device

Improve Customer Convenience

Allow you to accept partial payment in store as well as multiple forms of payment

Allowed unlimited on-hold bills to help you increase your business efficiency

Fast, Responsive, & Easy To Use

Maintain working speed even during the busiest hours

Fully Touch Screen, keyboard friendly

Support both online and offline mode

Reliable Support

Nationwide coverage after sales service

Fast response on phone, online support by remote access, video tutorials, onsite & in-house training

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